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Cocktails 2022: the major trends

What kind of cocktails will we be drinking in the coming year? No one has a crystal ball, but here's what might end up in our glasses. Techno and immersive experiences, ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic, fresh ingredients… A quick overview.

Today, our bartenders and experts from Xu Restaurant & Lounge are telling you more about the cocktails trends in 2022 and the evolution of the market.

In a world where originality and innovation reign, mixologists continue to compete inventively to stand out. Espresso-based cocktails, homemade tinctures (clove, lavender), new ingredients and flavors… this trend is not about to fade away in a field where the most daring are rewarded.

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Techno at the rendezvous

Technology is becoming a big part of our lives, and the world of cocktails is no exception. British spirits giant Diageo, for example, has developed an online platform with Pinterest that allows access to personalized cocktails through an interactive questionnaire about our preferences. Tools are also being developed that will enable us to perfectly measure the ingredients of our cocktails, thanks to augmented reality, using our phone or tablet.

The ready-to-drink cocktail trend has exploded with the pandemic forcing us to stay home more than usual. In addition to the traditional varieties of the big international players, we now have access to original products, many of which are not too sweet and naughty. With gin, rum, vodka, fruit juice, or seltzer, the choice is excellent, and it continues. A sign of its popularity, the category saw a meteoric 42% increase in sales at the SAQ in 2020.

Freshness is the name of the game.

For taste and appearance, fresh ingredients are becoming increasingly crucial in cocktails. Forget the industrially prefabricated syrups. More than ever, fruit purees are taking the lead, with more and more exotic fruits to impress. There are also a growing number of vegetable purees, fresh herbs, and original garnishes.


In addition to the traditional olives, pickles, mint leaves, and other staples, more extravagant ingredients are now part of the mix. Think flambéed citrus peel, hot peppers, myrtle branches, Sicilian lychees, peanuts, edible flowers, and other elements that compete for originality. At home or your favorite bar, people are always asking for more and demanding delicious cocktails that are also a sight to behold.

Cocktails to go

Riding the "stay at home" wave, many bars worldwide and in Quebec have also created take-out mixes (including garnishes!) to add the alcohol, whether in Mason jars, plastic pouches, or other containers. An easy way to recreate at home the creations of seasoned mixologists

A trend that will continue? To be continued…

The alcohol-free wave

Already well underway and very popular, especially with millennials and Generation Z, the non-alcoholic wave doesn't seem to be waning. On the contrary. Consumers are flocking to the trend, whether it is non-alcoholic spirits or ready-to-drink cocktails.

Why are they doing so? For health reasons, drinking without guilt or simply being alcohol-free does not mean boring and punishing, but rather taste and pleasure! Many of these products are made in-house, including rums, gins, and apéritifs.

Cocktail lovers, rejoice!

The best is yet to come, and the future promises to continue toasting with ever more original and tasty concoctions!

And to enjoy some of the best cocktails in Vietnam … head to Xu Restaurant Lounge in Ho Chi Minh City on 75 Hai Ba Trung – district 1!

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